eBike Forum

Background: This forum is for Trail users to share their views regarding whether electric assisted bicycles are appropriate on the Capital Crescent Trail and whether CCCT should support a change in the "no e-bike" policy. Posting in this forum is temporarily disabled until we get a review process set up, because we must review all new posts for any inappropriate content.

CCCT continues to cooperate and work with the police agencies that are tasked with keeping the trail safe for everyone, and we encourage trail users to do so as well. The park police agencies believe they have the legal authority to prohibit electric assisted bicycles from using the trail, and they do enforce a "no e-bike" policy.

Other than comments offered by The Coalition For The Capital Crescent Trail, the CCCT does not endorse the comments published below. This dialogue is offered as an informational service for our users. If all cyclists rode safely and responsibly, few people would notice what they were riding and we would likely not need this discussion.

There were a number of informative and impassioned eBike Forum postings on the old CCCT web site, between 1/14/2014 and 1/26/2015.
You can view those older eBike Forum postings here.