CCCT Board Member Expectations

Role of Board Members

Members of the Board are responsible for providing fiduciary oversight and directing the overall policy and administration of the Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail (CCCT), including advocating on behalf of CCCT in both private and public settings. Board members are expected to participate in CCCT administration and activities.

Attendance at meetings

The Board will establish a schedule of regular meetings in addition to the annual meeting mandated in the bylaws.  The dates and times of these meetings will be set in January at the beginning of each fiscal year and members are highly encouraged to attend and actively participate in all of these in person, by phone, or through online meeting technology. 

Committee Participation

The Board will have an executive committee, other standing committees, and, from time to time, special committees or working groups.  Committee meetings will normally be held by conference call or online meeting technology but may also be held in person.  Each member is expected to serve and actively participate on, and occasionally lead, at least one committee and to attend committee meetings.

Growing Our Network

In addition to advocating on behalf of the CCCT in both private and public settings, Board members are responsible for introducing new individuals, families, or organizations to CCCT throughout the year. This might be attending our annual meeting, participating in trail safety and/or clean up events, encouraging friends and family to join/like/follow our social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) accounts and mailing list, speaking to a Rotary, Kiwanis, or similar community organization, or soliciting a contribution.

Fundraising Engagement

To help promote the long term financial sustainability of CCCT, Board members are expected to support our fundraising efforts.  Each member is expected to:

  1. Contribute on an annual basis to the CCCT as one of your philanthropic priorities.
  2. Engage to the best of your ability in at least one of the following fundraising activities:
    • Identification of prospective donors
    • Cultivation of prospective donors
    • Solicitation of prospective donors
    • Stewardship of donors (eg., saying “thank you.”).

Full Disclosure of Financial Conflicts of Interest

Board members must avoid all financial conflicts of interest unless they have been expressly disclosed in writing and the Board has properly voted to allow the conflict as in the best interests of the CCCT.

APPROVED by vote of the Board at the meeting of January 10, 2022.