Board Membership History

CCCT Board Members and Officers - 2018-2019 Board Year

  • Ron Tripp, Chair
  • Morris Klein, Vice Chair
  • Frank Linton, Secretary
  • Tony Marra, Treasurer
  • Lynn Balzer-Martin
  • Polly Choate
  • Ed Comer
  • Jenny Sue Dunner
  • Pam Godwin
  • Mike Hunninghake
  • Scott Snyder
  • Will Strang, webmaster


CCCT Board members at the June 11, 2018 annual meeting. Left to right: Frank Linton, Jenny Sue Dunner, Morris Klein, Pam Godwin, Polly Choate, Ed Comer, Lynn Balzer-Martin, Tony Marra, Scott Snyder, and Ron Tripp. Absent: Mike Hunninghake. Photo by Will Strang, webmaster & newly elected board member.