Safety on the Trail


A "Letter" to Capital Crescent Trail Users

As a result of your hard work and generous contributions our trail is a beautiful and heavily used success. Bikers, bladers, joggers, runners and walkers, commuters and recreation users of ALL SPEEDS and AGES enjoy its 'car-free, park-like setting'. Unfortunately 'car-free' does not mean 'danger-free' and success has brought congestion and increased danger to the trail. Serious accidents involving hospital convalescence and police investigation have occurred.

Our trail has over 1 million users per year, is quite congested at times, and has users moving as slowly as 1-2 miles an hour up to 20 - 25 milers an hour. We are experiencing an increasing number of serious accidents on the Trail and we urge ALL users to exercise greater caution, courtesy and alertness.

Please follow the safety tips below:

All Users:

  • STAY ALERT, turn off your iPOD
  • Stay to the right
  • Do not block the trail when stopping
  • Do not block the trail by going 3 or 4 abreast
  • Look behind you from time to time
  • Pass only after looking behind you
  • Pass only after a loud warning
  • Pass only on the left
  • Pass only if you have a 2 foot clearance
  • When dark, wear reflective clothes
  • When dark, carry a light
  • Yield to others when entering the trail
  • Yield to others at crosswalks
  • STOP at stop signs, they indicate dangerous cross car traffic



  •  PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN, keep them to the right!
  • Do not let your children ramble freely across the trail
  • Stay immediately behind or to the left of your children





Bikers and Bladers:

In addition to the above:

  • Keep safe, reasonable speed
  • Adjust speed to trail congestion and surface conditions
  • Be predictable
  • Wear a Helmet
  • Warn with a loud bell, whistle or voice at least 2 seconds BEFORE overtaking someone


Hikers and Walkers:

  •  TURN OFF your iPOD
  • Do not read while on the trail
  • If warned before being passed, call out "Thanks for the warning"
  • If NOT warned before being passed, politely call out "Please warn before passing"


Pet Owners:

  •  Keep your pet on a very short leash (required by law!)
  • Keep your pet to the right
  • Treat your pet as you would a child

Be safe after dark and use a strong light - 
Cyclists: Please, do not use a flashing strobe light as a headlight.

Trail users are reporting that the flashing white strobe lights some cyclists are using as headlights can be disorienting and are very irritating. Cyclists, please use a headlight with a steady beam aimed low. We are all safer if no one is confused or blinded by your light.

For Emergency Telephone Numbers or to Report Unsafe Trail Conditions, see the Trail Contacts page.