Bells & Bands

Bells & Bands at Neal Potter Plaza, 10am-1pm Saturday 10/23/2021

A few times a year, the Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail hosts a “Bells & Bands” event along the Trail. Our goal is to promote safety for all users of the Trail and to receive feedback from users. We give free bike bells to cyclists, free reflective bands to pedestrians and rollerbladers, and information about safety and the CCCT to all passersby. Contact us if you wish to volunteer for this fun event. Below are some photos from past Bells & Bands events:






Historical note: This event was called “Bells & Whistles” for many years, of course because we gave out Bells and Whistles. In mid-2021, we realized that reflective bands would be much more widely useful than whistles, so we started giving out bands and changed the name.


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