Capital Trails Coalition Vision


The Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail (CCCT) is proud to be a member of Capital Trails Coalition (CTC), a cross-sector collaborative effort to build a world-class trail network in the Metropolitan Washington DC region.  

The week of August 13, 2018, the CTC is unveiling our vision for what that trail system could look like. The map above captures our vision of a connected trail network that spans the whole region. CCCT is proud that the Capital Crescent Trail provides one significant link in this network, and looking forward to the 2022 (projected with the Purple Line) completion of the paved Trail from Bethesda to Silver Spring that will help fulfill this vision.

A connected regional trail network transforms public life in the region by providing healthy, low-stress options for accessible, safe transportation and recreation. This CTC vision is a regional expression of the kind of effort that CCCT led for the creation of the Capital Crescent Trail as a rail-trail conversion in the 1990s.

This map provides a stunning visual for what our region could look like when we prioritize trail development and connectivity. As a member of the Capital Trails Coalition, CCCT will continue collaborating across agencies, organizations and jurisdictions to bring this vision to life.

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