A Capital Crescent Trail "Photo Album"

Scenes along the Trail:

Near Mile 0.5, east of the Trestle.    


A sunny afternoon "wheel" from Silver Spring toward the new Trestle bridge.


The rehabilitated trestle as seen from the Rock Creek Hiker/Biker Trail below.


Photo of B&O train on the Trestle (1977) courtesy of Wm.DuVall).


The trestle after an early morning fall shower.


West of Connecticut Ave., at Mile 2.0.


Passing by a sidewalk cafe near the west end of the Bethesda Tunnel.



Shops and cafes beckon along Bethesda Avenue.


Photo of locomotive exiting Dalecarlia Tunnel - 1975 courtesy of Wm. Duvall.


The same location today.


From inside the Dalecarlia Tunnel.


The trail in spring - Photo courtesy B. Gittleson.


Arizona Avenue Bridge (Sep. 2002)


The Arizona Avenue Bridge, seen from the C&O Canal Towpath.


The historic Abner Cloud House, as seen from the Trail


Escaping the Canal Road rush hour traffic.


Along the Potomac River near mile marker 8.5. Cormorants are perched in the trees.


Double-crested Cormorants perched alongside the trail.


The Washington Canoe Club at the Georgetown Trailhead.


The historic Aqueduct Bridge on Water Street. The Francis Scott Key Bridge is in the background.