Pedestrian accident at CC trail on August 12

My wife and I were running/walking on the CC trail on Monday, August 12 around 7:15 pm. She was walking headed north and was struck by an SUV at the crosswalk at Little Falls Parkway. According to witnesses and the police, the driver was traveling eastbound about 25 mph when she struck my wife. My wife sustained serious head injuries, a broken bone about her eye, broken thumb, and very serious hematoma and bruising in her back where the car struck her. She is still in the hospital and will be transferred to a rehabilitation hospital for an extended stay. The weather was pleasant that afternoon and the trail was full of bikers and runners. It's inconceivable to me why this driver was going so fast at the dangerous Little Falls crossing. According to the police report, the driver did not see my wife until the last second and tried to brake but it was too late. If anyone witnessed the actual accident, please contact me as I would appreciate your perspectives. Thank you. Mauricio Vera [email protected]

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  • Mauricio Vera
    published this page in Trail Reports 2019-08-16 11:41:46 -0400