Recent encounters with copperheads on CCT

Fyi I've encountered copperheads on the trail within a mile of the trailhead in Georgetown twice in the past two months, including yesterday evening (6.7.20). Both instances were at dusk and I was riding with a headlight, otherwise I wouldn't have seen them or would have mistaken them for fallen branch debris. Both were smallish, but at least two feet long. When I tried to shoo one of them off the trail, it assumed a defensive posture and struck out in my direction. I've ridden this trail hundreds of times, often at evening, but I've never come across a copperhead until this year. I see joggers and strollers walking at dusk who could easily stumble onto them and get bitten. People should be apprised and aware of the risk.

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Thank you, Dallas.

As nature gets a rest it reclaims its habitat... and apparently CCT may be part of that - we need to now take these things into account without killing or damaging these precious creatures. We had a similar owl incident a few years ago and we made it the mascot of the trail even though he'd dive down on hair buns and such... being territorial. Please keep us informed of any future encounters and any pics you can capture (please be safe in doing so). Cheers, Greg (former CCCT Board member) 

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