Trail Reports

Please help us by reporting about conditions or accidents on the CCT. For faster and more effective reporting, we strongly suggest using the Capital Crescent Trail Users Group on FacebookReports made there get displayed immediately on Facebook and can include photos, while reports made here only get displayed on this page, after being reviewed by a human, and cannot include photos.

You MUST be logged in to submit a report here, by: FaceBook, Twitter, or email address. Or you can simply email your report to To submit a report here, start typing at "Enter your Trail Report" below. Enter a 1 sentence main point in that field, and the details in the larger field below it. When done, click "POST".

Reports will be posted after they are reviewed. Your email address will not be posted. Reports are left up for later viewing, so older reports will no longer apply.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.