River Road Park

December 2017 update: We are pleased to announce that the River Road Park has reached its initial funding goal, thanks to contributions from individuals, civic organizations, and the business community. In November 2017, bids were let, offers received, and a contractor selected. According to the Montgomery County Parks Department, the work is slated to begin in January 2018.

With the help of The Montgomery County Parks Dept and The Montgomery Parks Foundation, the Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail raised the funds necessary to cover the contract awarded to construct the basic park, and we have obtained the necessary permits, and have an approved design in hand. Excavation and soil remediation is a large and expensive part of this work, which is necessary due to the many years that construction equipment and vehicles were stored on this site.

Many significant amenities from the original design have been set aside awaiting further funding. We hope much of this will be included in the final park with your help. An engraved brick paver is being offered to Donors of $500 or more. All contributions are tax-deductible, and you can donate online. At the bottom of this page are links to view 4 full-page drawings of the project.

Here is an in-progress list of donors:

Business donors —
  • American Plant River Road
  • Capital Properties
  • Evers & Co. A Long & Foster Company
  • Griffin Cycle of Bethesda
  • Ledo Pizza River Road
  • Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc
  • McDonalds at River Road
  • The Neighborhoods of EYA
  • Regency Centers
  • Security Public Storage
  • Talbert’s Ice and Beverage Service
Civic Organization donors —
  • Citizens Coordinating Committee on Friendship Heights
  • Little Falls Watershed Alliance
  • Springfield Citizens Association
  • Washington Episcopal School
  • Westmoreland Hills Garden Club


You can also donate by mail to:

The Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail
PO Box 30703
Bethesda, MD 20824