Silver Spring Connector Route

Between Downtown Silver Spring and the Interim CCT

A connecting path was completed between Stewart Ave. and Kansas Ave. in Sept. 2004. This supports a new Georgetown Branch Trail route into downtown Silver Spring which avoids dangerous Brookville Road. This on-road route is shown in the map below as the green line.

The new route is more direct than the old route, but it has numerous turns in the short section between Stewart Avenue and Grace Church Road. First time users who are trying to follow the trail directional signs must be alert to not miss any signs. If the route is new to you, you may want to print out the detailed route directions below. This webpage has been formated to be relatively "printer friendly".

If you would like a folding pocket map of the entire trail, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail, P.O. Box 30703, Bethesda, MD 20824.

map of new connector route

0.00.0StartFrom Interim CCT, go RIGHT on Stewart Ave. to the parking lot.
0.10.1StraightTake the connector path through the parking lot.
0.10.0LeftKansas Ave.
0.20.1RightPennsylvania Ave.
0.30.1LeftMichigan Ave.
0.30.0RightTalbot Ave.
0.50.2LeftCross the one-lane bridge behind the elementary school.
0.50.0RightGrace Church Road
0.70.2RightSecond Ave.
0.80.1StraightCross 16th Street on Second Ave. (Caution - turning traffic)
1.30.5StraightCross Spring Street on Second Ave., enter Business District
1.60.3EndS. S. Metro Station is across Colesville Road.

0.00.0StartFrom alongside McDonald's, across Colesville Road from the Metro station, go up Second Avenue.
0.30.3StraightCross Spring Street, enter Woodside on Second Ave.
0.80.5StraightCross 16th Street on Second Ave. (Caution - turning traffic)
0.90.1LeftGrace Church Road.
1.10.2LeftCross one-lane bridge and follow Talbot Ave.
1.30.2LeftMichigan Ave.
1.30.0RightPennsylvania Ave.
1.40.1LeftKansas Ave.
1.50.1RightTake the connector path through the parking lot.
1.50.0StraightContinue straight on Stewart Ave. (Caution - traffic.)
1.60.1EndInterim CCT begins on LEFT, before Brookville Rd.