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The Trestle is OPENED!

The Rock Creek Trestle was dedicated and opened on May 31, 2003. Thanks for your support!

The opening of the trestle is the result of many years of hard work. The CCCT began the effort to gain public support for this project in fall 1999 with the first "Open the Trestle" Rally, followed by a petition drive, a second rally in spring 2000, and repeated testimony and letters to public officials on behalf of our members. After funding for the basic trestle rehabilitation was secured, the CCCT lead the effort to secure additional funding for observation decks. The CCCT raised $75,000 toward the cost of the decks. This donation, together with generous donations from the Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Coalition ($55,000) and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association ($2500), was more than 1/2 the additional cost of the decks and convinced the County to cover the remainder.

The trestle now provides a scenic, direct off-road crossing of the Rock Creek Stream Valley. But we have more to do before the Trail is complete. You can help us push the Trail further east into Silver Spring. See our Action Page to learn what needs to be done.

An enthusiastic crowd gathered for the dedication.
Ernie Brooks, CCCT Chair, addresses the throng.
Volunteers clean the Interim Trail to Silver Spring on April 26, to prepare it for the Trestle opening.
More photos of the new trestle are in the CCT Photo Album.

Trestle Reconstruction Celebration held on February 1, 2003 - more than 300 attend:

Councilmember Floreen and County Executive Duncan.
Crowd of over 300 attended.
Ernie Brooks (CCCT chair) with Councilmember Denis.
Contribution to rebuilding the trestle for $132,319! Contributors: CCCT - $75,000; GBCCC - $55,000, WABA - $2,500 + interest.
The check being accepted by County Executive Duncan.
CCCT Board Chairs -present & past
l to r : Ernie Brooks (Current), Henri Bartholomot,  Wayne Phyillaier, Scott Hall, Chris Brown, John Dugger
Dave Openshaw from the reconstruction contractors, Cherry Hill Construction, demonstrating with a model of the Trestle.

This "kickoff" ceremony to celebrate the beginning of construction and had originally been scheduled for October 26, 2002, but was cancelled due to the sniper attacks. The contractor was about 1/2 way through the construction schedule at the time of this ceremony.  County Executive Doug Duncan and other prominent community leaders attended along with a crowd estimated at over 300 to express their support for the CCT.

Photo of the trestle in the Fall of 2002 before the renovations began (photo by Ernie Brooks).

October 23, 1999 Rally to complete the Trestle and open the Trail to Silver Spring:

County Executive Doug Duncan (holding mike) and a pleased Wayne Phyillaier (CCCT Board Chair) as Duncan pledges to seek funding to complete the trestle and the trail to Silver Spring.

Rock Creek Trestle Rally:
Thanks to all who attended the Rally to open the trestle and to complete the Trail to Silver Spring.

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